so i actually dont have a boyfriend there was little bit of a mix up with fb. The reason im posting this is look at the comments just look. aww, my friends really do love me. They either are like this cant naseem dating hahahah and/or will scare away any guy.

update: my family is trippin’

Honestly as long as I can remember I’ve always been the one to get picked on. I started school not knowing English and not being able to tell the difference between 6/9 or b/d - not one kid helped me out. This one time we took pictures with these cars we made then we received the pictures a couple weeks later. That day we had to place them on our desk, then whole class walks around the room looking at the pictures of you and the car. I couldn’t help but pay more attention to who was looking at my picture and I can still see them just laughing continuously and talking about my hair. I know it seems so dumb but I can never get stuff like that out of my head they always made fun of  my hair,  and my intelligence. Every time I would read they would laugh. I knew I was a slow reader and had a hard time with school but they made me into this kid who would go home, cry and feel this huge loathe for being the person I am/or was. I guess I’m not even that sure. The worst thing  they ever did to me wasn’t making me feel like I wasn’t a good enough person to talk to them or telling me that my parents were these broken people - the worst thing they did to me was to make one of my favorite people in the world only become my friend so much later in life. He didn’t talk to me for 4 years because they honestly told this kid when he first moved in that I was so slow that I was a waste to even talk to. Honestly, out of a class I had been with my whole life this is what they could say, they never got to know me and I will never give them the chance to.

oh naseem <3

guys i got super excited when i measured myself on the little kids wall height thing at the daycare i work at and it said 153cm i was all “FUCK YEAHS I GREW”….i converted it same size.