twerking-4-jesus asked: Hello beautiful person! (✿◠‿◠) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers! /o/

well okay random facts about me…

one: i’m half Iranian/ half Chilean (my parents met in immigrant English class, fuck yes Canada!)

two: i’m 18 and have never had a boyfriend

three: my dog has a Facebook (Peteca Navia)

four: i’ve broken/lost 15 phones                                                              

five: when i get the hiccups they last a couple hours and are really fucking loud.

Anonymous asked: I'd like to have sex with you, a lot. Like crazy animal monkey sex.

i dont know what to say to this so thank you?

Anonymous asked: Wanna bang?


mrsomers asked: well it's working!!:)

aww thank you…so sweet made my day!

mrsomers asked: Me? Handsome?????????????????? Oh no no you have it flipped around! You're veerry pretty:)

YOU ARE SUPER HANDSOME…look at that smile! aww thank you i try really hard :)

mrsomers asked: You're literally my favourite blog. Thank you.

aww thanks bb..i love your blog as well AND YOU ARE SO HANDSOME :)

kamial-mah-deactivated20130820 asked: Love your blog dear :).

maww thank you, you’re super pretty…LOL hope you dont take that in a bad way :)

Anonymous asked: I wanna see you naked..

aww damn and i was just in the shower sadly so you just get a morning to you ;)

andieis asked: Beautiful blog, first off. And you are gorgeous, I am completely envious of you.

thanks its my pride and joy. thanks there really isnt anything to be envious of believe me. Plus you are actually stunning.

keep-trying-love asked: hey :3 I lav your blog and you seem lovelyy

hey :) thanks and even more thanks. i adore your blog and all the love for blink you have! youre pretty cool!

amberanelia asked: i wanna ask you like 1000 questions cos your my fav C: what's your favourite food? if you could travel anywhere, where would it be! and whats your favourite tea!

awwww so you you, we shall skype soon!

favourite food: pizza, sushi, food.

travel: Iran i want to meet my dads family but its just scary and id really like to know the language before.

Favorite tea: i love tea with fresh mint that i steal from my neighbors back yard…makes it taste so much better i feel all rebellious.

hugmebayley asked: Might not work for the public, but for me, it does.

lol, awks XD

amberanelia asked: fear, cup, money :)

 Fear: Tell us three fears.

i have a fear of feet, spiders, and people getting to close to me or knowing too much about me.

Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

i drink both, but i’m mega tea drinker.

 Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?

pay off my mom and aunts house, school, and invest…and go on vacation. 1 million can disappear fast.


amberanelia asked: a, m, b, e, r .. :)

A - If I’m in love. i dont really know like ive thought i loved someone and would do anything for them but i dont know if i really been in love to say how i am when im in love. i just hope it feels great.

M - If I forgive betrayal. that will never happen, im a Capricorn. you hurt me once and we are done forever.

B- Who the last person I talked to on the phone was. it was @coxtopher to make sure he was okay. someone had too much to drink and i didnt know if he would wake up on time to get off the bus.

E - How many holes I have in my ears. 3 ear peircing holes? 2 hearing holes?

R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities. when people are anorerxic do you hear their own fat being eaten and im seriously not joking because when i get hungry my stomach gets so loud so i wonder how it is for them. if someone actually finds me truly perfect, or just pretty or something. if all animals can understand each other and if they can understand us. if the guy i like actually likes me. how drunk would i have to get to tell someone that i love them because im a fucking puss. why deodorant works??? like why??? how?? who invented knomes. why dont people love me on tumblr and ask me shit 24/7. what happened to beeny babies. what my moms life would have been if she had not cared about her being poor and her hss being wealthy…like how happy would she have been. what is the answer to life? and lots of other random shit.


ukyvkuytc you are life. come visit me. GIVE ME LOVEEEEEE <3